Onsdag Ons 29 September Sep
Torsdag Tor 30 September Sep
Lördag Lör 2 Oktober Okt
Söndag Sön 3 Oktober Okt
Torsdag Tor 7 Oktober Okt
Lördag Lör 9 Oktober Okt
Söndag Sön 10 Oktober Okt
Torsdag Tor 14 Oktober Okt
Fredag Fre 15 Oktober Okt
Lördag Lör 16 Oktober Okt
Torsdag Tor 21 Oktober Okt
Idag 22 Oktober Okt
Lördag Lör 23 Oktober Okt
Torsdag Tor 28 Oktober Okt
Lördag Lör 30 Oktober Okt
Tisdag Tis 2 November Nov
Torsdag Tor 4 November Nov
Lördag Lör 6 November Nov
Torsdag Tor 18 November Nov
Fredag Fre 19 November Nov
Lördag Lör 20 November Nov
Onsdag Ons 24 November Nov
Torsdag Tor 25 November Nov
Lördag Lör 27 November Nov


We create winners on and off the ice!

Enjoyment and camaraderie

Enjoyment and camaraderie are strong drivers of sports. We want to run and develop all activities so that we can have fun, feel good and perform better.

Democracy and participation

Brynäs democracy means that the vote of all members is of equal value. Participation means that everyone involved can participate in and decide on and take responsibility for their activities. Democracy and participation must be exercised equally and regardless of background.

Everyone's right to join

Everyone’s right to be involved means that everyone who wants to be able to participate can regardless of their circumstances. Anyone who wants, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation, as well as physical and mental conditions, can participate in club operated sports activities.

Fair play

Fair play and honesty are prerequisites for competition on equal terms. It means staying within the framework of agreements and having good ethics and morals. To work against cheating, doping and corruption, against bullying, harassment, and violence both in and out of the sports arena.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the principles of children's rights for businesses, the values ​​of sport and SHL's Code of conduct.

  • Brynäs IF wants to promote and spread the enjoyment and camaraderie of ice hockey and sports.
  • Brynäs IF strives to be an integral part of society and a positive social force that works to bring joy, camaraderie and pride in and around our association.
  • Brynäs IF conducts and develops all activities so that together we can have fun, feel good and perform better.
  • Brynäs IF is a democratic and open association where everyone who shares the club's goals and values ​​can become a member.
  • Brynäs IF promotes young people's social education with a focus on the values ​​of the sport and Brynäs IF's key sports values hunger, engagement, fellowship, pride and sustainability.
  • Brynäs IF adheres to the child rights principles for companies and contributes to the UN's global sustainability goals and encourages its business partners to do the same.
  • Brynäs IF conducts its activities with a child rights perspective and is based on the four basic principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child; that all children are equally worthy, that the child’s best interests are taken into account in all decisions concerning children, that all children have the right to life and development, and that all children have the right to be involved and to be spoken to.
  • Brynäs IF adheres to the principle of equal value for all and waives any form of discrimination.
  • Brynäs IF denounces all forms of racism, violence, threats and other forms of verbal, physical or degrading attacks on people.
  • Brynäs IF promotes the laws and regulations of society and sports.
  • Brynäs IF celebrates honest and fair competition and faces both defeat and victory in a sporting way.
  • Brynäs IF meets players, leaders, staff, supporters, business partners, non-profits, officials, referees, opponents and audiences with kindness and respect - on and off the ice
  • Brynäs IF takes responsibility by showing loyalty to each other, the game and Swedish ice hockey. Through the code of conduct, Brynäs IF trades and lives by its vision and values. This document is live and is updated continuously. Work on the value foundation is done according to Brynäs IF's annual business cycle. 

Whistle-blower Function

Details of our whistle-blower function including contact details and procedures are contained on our website under Trygg idrottsmiljö. For serious matters that cannot be handled by the club we refer people to contact the sports ombudsman on 08-627 40 10. Email: [email protected].