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Sustainability Model and UN Sustainable Development Goals

“Covid 19 is presenting us with a unique opportunity to accelerate the rate at which we change and to lift ice hockey to the next level. The need to develop sustainable strategies has exploded and gives us the opportunity to provide a better hockey product and at the same time strengthen society to meet global challenges like climate change and social inequalities!”

— Johan Cahling, director of brand, sustainability and strategic partnerships.

We have set ourselves three main goals connected to all our sustainability work.

  • A club for everyone
  • A green arena
  • Ethical business practices

These three goals form the pillars that drive our work in sustainability using elite ice hockey as our platform. All the elements in our model are connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We work continuously with many of the SDG goals and have begun to incorporate them into our business planning.

Our sustainability reports

Brynäs IF har tagit ytterligare ett stort steg mot en framtid med vinnare på och utanför isen genom att släppa sin egen hållbarhetsrapport enligt Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) som fastställt riktlinjer för organisationer som vill redovisa sitt hållbarhetsarbete på ett jämförbart och strukturerat sätt.

Rapporten har tagits fram för att på ett strukturerat och transparant sätt dela med sig av föreningens styrkor och svagheter genom att fokusera på den gemensamma påverkan vi har på samhället utifrån ett socialt, miljömedvetet och ekonomiskt perspektiv.

We contribute to reducing poverty through our contributions to UNICEF.
We reduce hunger in our region by supporting local charity Matakuten. Matakuten collects excess produce from local shops and restaurants and distributes it to people and families in need in the community.
Through Playday, our youth hockey and our A Good Start organisation we help more children in our region to be active. Our contribution to UNICEF also helps activate girls in Namibia whilst at the same time teaching them about healthy lifestyles.
Together with UNICEF we work in schools to give all children a good start in life by helping to provide a calm and safe school environment where children can learn.
We continue to work hard and drive forward our gender equality work particularly with respect to women’s and girl’s hockey. There is a lot more work to be done in this area especially regarding leadership opportunities for women in our club, but our journey has begun.
Monitor ERP Arena is powered and heated with 100% renewable energy. Our fans and supporters are encouraged to switch to renewable energy through the Brynäs Power campaign. Energy efficiency projects continue with the most recent being the installation of a new energy and water efficient ice system.
The cooperation between A Good Start and Junior Achievement Sweden (Ung Företagsamhet) continues as we encourage skilled workers to return to Gävle and by developing leadership skills within this group. Our program The Way In helps reduce youth unemployment by encouraging young people to work or study. We contribute to economic growth in our region through the use of local suppliers and by paying our taxes.
All our activities within A Good Start are open to everyone and at no cost.
Here we focus on reducing food waste from our restaurant and longer term on our consumption of materials used for hockey.
Friendship talks (where we meet all children in years 5 and 6 in our region) during the 2020/2021 season focused on the environment and in the season prior on how to be a good friend to the environment. Our sustainability report also highlights the threat of climate change for all our partners and fans.
We continue to reduce and eliminate our usage of single use plastics and are monitoring our emissions that contribute to ocean acidification.
We work together with our corporate partners, sports clubs, small and large businesses, charities and government and non-government organisations in our region, within Sweden, and in Europe to strengthen society. Together we can make a difference using the power and influence of sport as our platform.