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We create winners on and off the ice!

Below you can find information about the sustainability work conducted by Brynäs IF. For us, this work is important to secure the future of hockey and to use our power to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Detailed information on all our sustainability work is contained in our GRI sustainability reports. If you have any questions about the work we do, please feel free to contact:

Johan Cahling
Director of Sustainability and Brand Management
[email protected]


Michael Campese
Club Director
[email protected]

Sustainability Reports and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Read about our sustainability strategy and how it is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read in detail about our sustainability work in our GRI Reports.

UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework

Brynäs IF was one of the first 50 signatories for this international cooperation to use the power of sports to beat climate change.

Read here to find out how we implement the 5 principles of the framework.

UNICEF and The Clean Jersey

In 2014 Brynäs began a partnership with UNICEF and the Clean Jersey is a symbol of all the good work achieved through this partnership.

Read here about this partnership and how it helps children in our region and in other countries.

What we stand for – vision and values

At Brynäs IF our greatest chance of success, both on and off the ice, is dependent on our ability to construct our operations around our values.

Read here about the values-based foundation for our club.

The Clean Arena

In our Clean Arena we focus on energy and water savings and waste reduction.

Read more about it here.

The Equality Journey

Brynäs IF is at the beginning of a long journey to ensure that our club is truly open to everyone.

Read here about the start of our journey and what steps we are taking to include everyone.

Sustainable Partnerships

A changing landscape with both partners and fans demanding more sustainable products has meant a transformation in the partnerships we offer.

Read here about why we have transitioned to sustainable partnerships and about some of our newer products for fans.