Hälsning från Daniel Paille
Publicerad: 2017-11-09
Hälsning från Daniel Paille angående incidenten under CHL-matchen Brynäs IF - Adler Mannheim den 7 november 2017.

I’d like to thank everyone for there support and concern from the incident in our game versus Alder Mannheim at home the other day. Especially the Brynäs organization, my family, friends, teammates, fans. There support has been tremendous to my wife and I. I am working to recover and ensure I am in good health for the future.

In my 14 profressional years of playing hockey, I have had concussions prior to this hit, however, this direct hit to the head is the most dangerous hit I have encountered in my long career.

I am disappointed in the CHL Board's decision to have only suspended the player in the CHL games. If they don't have the authority, they must try to do so for the safety of the players playing in the CHL through all other leagues involved. It is evident by this decision that the players' safety is not their priority or maintaining the integrity of the game.

I want to ensure this player is held accountable and penalized for his actions so this player doesn’t repeat this offense and is not a risk to future players. The suspension should at the very least count towards the games in the player’s respectable league. Alder Mannheim is no longer eligible to play anymore CHL games this season and there is not yet a guarantee the player will play in the CHL again in the future.

I have been told of the CHL’s explanation of the hit, and although I understand the logic of the CHL Board, a respectable player attacking a player who is vulnerable, especially when the puck is not near such players, does not force any contact. Instead, a respectable player attacking tries his or her best to avoid the vulnerable player as much as possible and becomes more defensive to the situation, even if tension should arise prior to such an incident.

Going through this experience makes me realize how fortunate I am to be in a country like Sweden with so much support and a team like Brynäs IF.

Thank you all once again for your kindness

Daniel Paille

Marknad- och eventkoordinator Michaela Lindberg
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